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Calling all South Stormont Residents / R-O Parents / R-O Alumni and Parents of R-O Graduates

Our only Secondary School is at stake! R-O Secondary School is on the chopping block and the clock is ticking!

South Stormont Council and active members of our community are busy preparing delegations to be presented to the Upper Canada District School Board (UCDSB) next week. Now is the time to let the UCDSB Trustees know how you feel about losing the only Secondary School in the fastest growing municipality in the region, including the City of Cornwall.

Did you know that the Board does not have a plan for the empty spaces that will be created should RO Secondary School close? Hmmm. . . does this leave the possibility that although Longue Sault Public is safe for now, the Board’s Master Plan may move Long Sault students to R-O in the future? We need to act as a community right now and speak up!

Do you have an opinion about how this may affect having children bussed out of our community when 31% of them currently walk to school in the village of Ingleside?

What do you think about how this will affect Co-op opportunities, for specialized programs such as “Making it Real” with the St. Lawrence Parks Commission and Hoople Creek Farms, just to name a few.

What about teenagers after school employment opportunities at local businesses?

We are celebrating Canada 150 this year; let’s rally together and forward with more than 150 community responses and testimonials to the UCDSB Trustees saving R-O Secondary School! Like and share all of your responses on the Township’s Facebook page – pull out your Lancer swag, be creative and demonstrate your support for R-O!


To assist in forming your letters here are some sample templates to start with:

For R-O Alumni:

UCDSB Trustees:

What are you doing? Some of the best times in my life took place in the halls of R-O Secondary School. R-O and the teachers at R-O are the reason I am where I am today. I am gainfully employed as a                                due to the positive reinforcement and encouragement I received as a student at R-O. Without the local rural atmosphere I received in the village of Ingleside I would not be where I am today. For example, I love sports and because of the local aspect and “everyone counts” attitude at R-O, I was able to participate on the volleyball, basketball and soccer teams. If I were forced to attend a large “mega” school, I would never have had such an opportunity. I would have been lost in the crowd. . . . . .

For Parents of R-O Graduates:

UCDSB Trustees:

It is with a heavy heart that I hear that R-O Secondary School is slated for closure. I simply cannot remain silent! This unique school, operating with a JK-12 model, is the primary reason for my children’s success in their current adult life. It is because of teachers like                               who created the Outdoor Education / Environmental Science Program / Making It Real / Other that my son / daughter went on to study Environmental Science / Recreation / Other and is now a Science Researcher / Other  at                                       . He / she was encouraged to be a part of everything at R-O, and due to the size of the school He / she could participate with various clubs and after school activities from Student Council to Yearbook to  Sports teams. . . . . .   

For Ingleside Residents: 

UCDBS Trustees:

Save R-O Secondary School and bring back French Immersion. It is a simple request, returning our community to what we had only a few short years ago. Ingleside is a thriving community, with a new medical centre, pharmacy, expanded library, restaurants, including Butlers, Jimmy’s, Milanos, La Bella and of course Ingleside Foodland to name just a few. All of this supports our recent 4% growth rate! The greatest in SD&G and the City of Cornwall! How can you overlook this fact?

I am a senior / business owner / community minded individual who lives in Ingleside and I implore you to consider how central R-O Secondary School is to our community – a community that is proud of our Lancers and dedicated to the viability of our JK-12 community School. Once again, save R-O Secondary School and bring back French Immersion. Keep South Stormont students in South Stormont and support the local option.

For current R-O School Students:

Save R-O! I am a current R-O Student and I . . . . .

For all South Stormont Residents:

UCDSB Trustees:

Did you know?

  • French immersion programming is key to providing a well-rounded selection for students. This provides a diverse student population and positive learning environment.
  • South Stormont already gave up one school – Newington Public School in              . Why should we sacrifice another school! 
  • South Stormont taxpayers invested $400,000 in RO in 1990 where they contributed funds to a new gymnasium! We have been in a partnership with the UCDSB for over 25 years!