Economic Development Strategy

What is Strategic Planning?

Strategic planning is the process of envisioning a desired future and translating that vision into broadly defined goals or objectives as well as a sequence of steps to achieve them.

In 2013, Council approved a review for the next step in our vision for the Township’s Economic Development progress. With the assistance of the Eastern Ontario Training Board, the Township has updated the Economic Development Strategic Plan.

Community Consultations were hosted in June 2013 and approximately 60 residents and business owners participated. Group discussions included our strengths and weaknesses, challenges and desires and expectations for the future.

The new Economic Development Strategic Plan was presented to Council in September, 2013. We look forward to moving ahead with the initiatives outlined in the new plan for South Stormont.

Economic Development Plan 2013

Through 2007 and 2008 Phases I and II of a Business Retention and Expansion project were completed. Key action items included:

  1. Growth and Development;
  2. Embrace Upper Canada Region Branding;
  3. Municipal Actions, including infrastructure, appropriately zoned land and enacting property standards regulations;
  4. Business Actions, including promotion and support of Chamber of Commerce and business groups; and
  5. Safety and Security.

Business Retention and Expansion Phases I and II 2007/2008

Since those documents were adopted, staff and Council have been working to implement the various action items specified in order to achieve the overall goals.