Lost Villages Historical Society & Museum


The Lost Villages of Mille Roches, Moulinette, Wales, Dickinson’s Landing, Farran’s Point, and Aultsville; the hamlets of Maple Grove, Santa Cruz and Woodlands; and the farming community of Sheik’s/Sheek’s Island, were not lost through carelessness, they were disposed of with Government approval “for the common good”. Over 6,500 people were displaced in the name of progress for the sake of the St. Lawrence Seaway and International Hydro Electric project. Casualties of progress, the villages and hamlets disappeared beneath the waters of the newly created Lake St. Lawrence, but they stayed alive in the memories of their former residents.

Many of these inhabitants moved into the new towns of Ingleside (New Town #1) and Long Sault (New Town #2), and it was there, twenty years later, that the Historical Society was born. The desire of newcomers to know about the background of these seemingly traditionless towns sparked the desire of residents from the Lost Villages to show and tell the proud heritage to which the new towns were heirs. In 1977, The Lost Villages Historical Society was founded.

Source: www.lostvillages.ca