Municipal Election 2014

Thank you to everyone who voted in this election. We are pleased to report that voter turnout was at 48.56%!

Certified Results of 2014 MUNICIPAL ELECTIONS


Required Financial Statement Reports for 2014 Municipal and School Board Candidates


Jim Bancroft

Bryan McGillis

Ray Beauregard

Tammy Hart

Cindy Woods

Chris Cameron

Reginald Coffey

Rick Currier

Earle DePass

Donna Primeau

Mark Prendergast

Mike Proulx

David Smith

Jason Swerdfeger

Richard Waldroff


Karen McAllister

Michael Dunne

Art Buckland

William Fielding

Wendy MacPherson

Bradley Nuttley



Municipal Election Compliance Audit 

A Municipal Election Compliance Audit is an audit of a candidate's election campaign finances and his/her compliance with the provisions of the Municipal Elections Act, 1996, as they relate to election campaign finances.