Open Air Burning/Burn Permits

Open air burning is regulated by Open Air Burning By-law No. 2009-040 and permits burning under specific conditions.

Recreational fires and cooking fires do not require a permit. Recreational fires are fires that burn clean, dry wood for cooking, heating, enjoyment or similar purpose.  These fires must be contained in a non-combustible container or fire pit no larger than 46 cm X 46 cm X 46 cm (18” X 18” X 18”).

There are three main types of open air fires that require a permit under specific guidelines and are identified as follows:

  1. Fires greater than 1 cubic m.  This type of fire must be 30m away from any structure or wooded area.
  2. Fires for normal farm/rural practice (no larger than 6.5m X 6.5m X 2.5m in height).
  3. Windrows for land clearing.  This type of fire has specific regulations – please see By-law No. 2009-040 or contact the Township office for full details.

Open air fires that require a permit are not permitted within any urban settlement area as designated within the SDG County Official Plan in the Township of South Stormont.  Please refer to our Open Air Burn Map to determine whether you are in an area where open air burning is permitted.

Open air burning in rural areas is allowed with a Fire Permit ONLY. These permits ensure that the dispatch centre is aware of the date and location of your fire. Residents are now required to come to the Township Office to apply for and obtain a yearly burn permit. The cost of the permit is $10. Burning under permit MUST meet all Ministry of Environment requirements:

  • only clean, dry materials [no paint, rubber, petroleum, etc.];
  • during daylight hours only;
  • supervision at all times;
  • means of extinguishing available at the burn site; and  
  • environmental conditions must be considered; therefore, you are not permitted to burn in high winds, rain, fog or when the conditions are very dry.

The Fire Chief reserves the right to declare Opening Burning Bans during tinder dry weather conditions. No fires are permitted during a Fire Ban.

Below is a set fines schedule for the Township of South Stormont:




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