Township of South Stormont Emergency Response Plan

The Township’s Emergency Response Plan has been prepared to assign responsibilities and to guide the immediate actions of key officials in the first critical hours after the onset of an emergency in the Township of South Stormont.

This plan has been adopted through By-law 2011-059, passed on December 14, 2011, as amended from time to time under the legal authority of the Emergency Management Act.

It is essential that all residents are aware of the Township’s responsibilities and that every official and service be prepared to carry out their assigned functions and responsibilities in an emergency. Municipal services are to review this plan on a regular basis and keep up to date their own procedures for handling emergencies.

As of January 1, 2012, organizations that prepare emergency procedures, plans or public safety information must make this information available to the public in an accessible format or with appropriate communications supports as soon as practicable upon request.

When the Township of South Stormont is requested to provide a person with a disability with a copy of the Emergency Plan or procedures, the Township will take into consideration the communication needs of the person with the disability and endeavour to provide the information in an acceptable format.

The Township believes that it is important that residents, businesses and interested visitors are aware of emergency response provisions that are in place.