Parks and Trail Information

Recreational Trails

South Stormont maintains and operates the “North-South” trail that stretches from Cornwall Centre Road to historical St. Andrews West.

The Ontario Waterfront Trail runs alongside the shores of the St. Lawrence River.  Access to the trails is available in the following communities:

  • Ault Island
  • Ingleside
  • Long Sault
  • Lakeview Heights


South Stormont is home to many public campground options that attract visitors from all over the world.  Operated by the St. Lawrence Parks Commission, Farran Park and the Upper Canada Migratory Bird Sanctuary are located near the village of Ingleside, and multiple campgrounds are located within the Long Sault Parkway.


Neighbourhood Parks / Open Parklands

South Stormont offers a large inventory of developed parks within many Township communities.  All 18 parks offer unique amenities ranging from traditional play structures and swing sets, to large facilities such as sports fields and outdoor pools.  The Township also has a number of undeveloped parkland and day-use areas that are ideal for family picnics or throwing the ball with your dog.   

South Stormont Park Inventory