Community Improvement Plan & Brownfield Strategy (CIP)

Economic development and community revitalization in the Township of South Stormont remains a strategic priority of the Council.  By-law No. 2013-059 to designate Community Improvement Project Areas and to adopt a Community Improvement Plan and Brownfield Strategy was passed by Council on July 17, 2013.

As described in the introduction of the document, “This CIP complements the Township’s Economic Development Strategic Plan and BR&E, and acts as an implementation mechanism to promote private sector investment in South Stormont. To help achieve the vision and objectives of these studies, this CIP promotes the improvement of existing commercial space and (re)development of underutilized/unutilized lots. The CIP is part of a broader commitment of the Township to enhance the principle assets of its communities, in particular its waterfront, lifestyle advantages and quality of public spaces.

The CIP offers financial incentive programs for private Owners that are designed to:

1. improve existing retail and commercial areas;

2. facilitate and encourage the creation of additional, secondary uses within the Township; and

3. enhance the aesthetics and character of key retail strips within the communities of South Stormont.

In general, a Community Improvement Plan is focused on private ownership commercial and residential stock and is a tool available to municipalities under Section 28 of the Ontario Planning Act (R.S.O. 1990, c. P.13) to help facilitate revitalization and redevelopment efforts in defined target areas that are in decline or in need of improvement.”

Community Improvement Plan & Brownfield Strategy

Community Improvement Plan APPLICATION FORM

For more information or to submit an application, please contact the Director of Planning/EDO at 613-534-8889 Ext. 205 or via email to Peter Young.