Winter Control   plow_ss.jpg

During the winter season, Public Works personnel perform snow and ice removal on your roads. Trucks with flashing blue lights are performing winter maintenance. Please give them room to work and pass with caution as visibility may be compromised with blowing snow. If a snowplow stops, it is likely to back up, so please give them lots of room. You can see them, but if you are driving a small car they may not see you if you are following too closely.

Please remember that you cannot leave snow or ice on the road when you are clearing your driveway. The ridges may freeze and become a hazard to drivers. In addition, please be courteous and do not deposit your snow on your neighbour's property.

Your valued assistance during the winter season will help the Township of South Stormont Public Works Department provide efficient and economical winter maintenance service.

The Township's Winter Maintenance Level of Service Policy describes the standards we follow to ensure your safety on winter roads.