Trillium Road Landfill Site

The Public Works Department manages the Trillium Road Landfill Site.

Location and Hours:    

  • 14595 Trillium Road
  • OPEN Friday and Saturday from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM
  • CLOSED on statutory holidays

Trillium Road Landfill Location and Map

Items accepted at the landfill:                                      

  • Household items only
  • Tires: free for tires without rims, charge for tires with rims
  • E-Waste: free anytime ~ this includes display devices (monitors & television), desktop computers, portable computers, computer peripherals, printing, copying & multifunction devices, telephone & telephone answering machines, cellular devices & pagers, home theatre in a box, aftermarket vehicle audio & video devices, image, audio and video devices home /non portable, image, audio and video devices personal/portable.
  • E-waste: free anytime
  • Recycling: free anytime
  • Metal: free anytime
  • Leaf and yard waste: free anytime

Items that are not accepted at the landfill:

  • Commercial waste
  • Hazardous waste
 Shingles & Construction Materials
  • Your free landfill pass does not apply to shingles or construction materials.  These items are subject to tipping fees.
 Free Access Landfill Pass
  • The current landfill pass is for 2016 only.
  • A resident of the Township of South Stormont may contact the Town Hall or visit us at the office to request a landfill pass at no charge.  There is only one landfill pass issued per household.
  • This allows residents two free loads per year at the landfill site.
  • A tipping fee will apply for any additional visits.


Personal Use 2017 Waste Management Fees

(currently under review; subject to change)



Car $15.00
Van $15.00
1/2 Ton Pick up Truck $20.00
Utility Trailer – Single Axle $25.00
Utility Trailer – Double Axle $35.00
1 Ton Truck $55.00
Hay Wagon $55.00
Car & Truck Tires with Rims


Car & Truck Tires, no Rims FREE
Transport tires with rims $15.00
Freezers, Refrigerators and air conditioners that have been decommissioned FREE
Freezers, Refrigerators and air conditioners that have not been decommissioned $30.00
Shingles $55.00 per load
Construction Materials $55.00 per load
Blue Boxes 2 Recycle Boxes – Free of Charge
$5.00 per each additional box
Composter $30.00 (tax included)
360L Recycle Cart $55.00$ (tax included)
Township Garbage Tags

$1.50 Can be purchased at the Township Hall, Foodland in Ingleside and Cross Roads Convenience in St. Andrews.

Advertising on Waste Receptacles $300.00 per year per receptacle or $50.00 per month per receptacle, if available