Children jumping for joy in rural town main street

The United Counties of SDG is seeking applications for another round of Regional Incentives Program funding.

More than $160,000 is available to non-profit agencies, groups, businesses and quasi-municipal organizations. The deadline to submit an application is Sept. 11. The application can be downloaded at

The primary goals of the program are to:

  • Encourage redevelopment and investment in existing building stock within the County to support employment, reduce the number of vacant buildings, and increase the assessment base;
  • Promote active recreation, tourism, and the continued development or enhancement of the trail network;
  • Stimulate investment in the agricultural sector by funding diverse, on-farm expansions and agri-tourism;
  • Increase the amount of tourist accommodation available within the County and enhance and expand existing establishments.

“This program has been an unqualified success in the past, helping local businesses, entrepreneurs and community groups add amenities to existing buildings and tourist assets in SDG,” said SDG Economic Development Manager Nicholas Seguin. “Our committee is looking forward to viewing applications. Our first intake this year saw more than 30 applications submitted – so ensure you download an application soon and complete it with as much detail as you can.”

Businesses within South Stormont interested in applying to the program must consult South Stormont Economic Development and Communications Coordinatior, Chris Hemond, to discuss their project and determine eligibility. 

For more information about the program, please visit the United Counties of SDG website