The Township of South Stormont is organizationally effective using innovative practices to enhance operational efficiencies and corporate capacity to deliver services, programs, initiatives, and projects. 

Goal#1: Corporate Capacity

1.1: Implement Service Delivery and Policies Review
  • Staff to review Department business plans on an annual basis to refresh program mandates, review outcomes and metrics, and present considerations to changes in service delivery.
  •  Currently under review
  • Explore collaborative opportunities with neighbouring municipalities for expanded service delivery, reduced cost, and improved community benefit. 
  • Joint Operational Review with Township of South Glengarry for water and wastewater services to identify opportunities for efficiency (In-progress)
  • Currently reviewing animal control programs with neighbouring municipalities
  • Update statutory documents required by the Municipal Act and other legislation to confirm compliance and practicality. 
  • Reviewed and updated approximately 24 by-laws and policies required by legislation.
  • Ensure recommendations in reports and plans are acted upon on a priority basis to mitigate legal implications and to inform annual budgets. 
  • Financial implications and risk considerations now included in reports to Council. 
  • Developing process for Council to confirm priorities and action plans for non-budgeted items. 
1.2: Customer Engagement
  • Promote a culture that serves and engages internal and external customers.
  • Public engagement website, Speak Up South Stormont launched.
  • Review and enhancement of request tracking processes from the public, including the implementation of offsite access to the system
1.3: Human Resources
  • Ensure the Township's staff is sufficient to carry out ongoing work plans and meet or exceed service delivery levels.
  • Deputy Director of Public Works and Facilities Coordinator positions added to ensure compliance with asset management legislation.
  • Created two-year contract Planning Technician position to assist with influx of planning applications. 
  • Establish a Preferred Employer Strategy to enhance employee relations, support employee retention and attraction, and optimize succession planning. 
1.4: Tools and Technology
  • Empower Township staff to use cost-effective tools and technology 
  • Effectively manage Township assets, projects, programs, and services through appropriate budgeting, planning, forecasting, and reporting. 
  • Implemented new software programs to improve efficiencies and cost savings.
    • Human Resource Information System (HRIS)
    • Work order 
    • Records management 
    • Fuel management 
    • Budget software 
  • Approved Asset Management Plan for Core Assets supports long-term prioritization and financial planning. 
  • Lot Grading Digitization project.