Careful, future-focused planning ensures the the Township of South Stormont can respond to the needs of residents and businesses today and into the future through maintained infrastructure and planned growth and development. 

Goal #2: Sustainable Infrastructure
2.1: Servicing Capacity
  • Secure utilities to service the needs of residential, commercial, and industrial customers, with consideration to sustainability.
  • Prepare and update a Long-Term Financial Plan to support the Asset Management Plan.
  • Approved Asset Management Plan for Core Assets
  • Established Development Charges to ensure recovery of capital costs from residential and commercial growth through the developer, as opposed to the existing tax base. 
  • Long-term servicing studies for Long Sault and Ingleside to address growth demands. 
  • Ongoing communications with Provincial officials regarding funding needs for water and wastewater expansion. 
2.2: Communications Connectivity
  • Advocate and facilitate the establishment of a modern broadband network, allowing businesses and residents to have affordable access to internet connectivity. 
2.3: Multimodal Services
  • Explore innovative transportation connections via multiple modes of transportation to ensure the Township's residents and businesses can pursue business, social connections, and recreation within the municipality and regional communities. 
  • Recreation path connections added throughout Long Sault and Ingleside to connect residential developments. 
  • Waterfront Development Plan provides opportunities for further active transportation connections.