The Township of South Stormont is ready for investment opportunities, prepared for the changing needs of developers, and willing to take an active role in attracting new investment while retaining and expanding existing businesses. 

Goal #3: Economic Growth
3.1: Small Business Retention
  • Empower Township staff to collaborate with small and medium-sized local businesses, farmers, associations, and other relevant stakeholders to foster retention and expansion of the existing agricultural, commercial, and industrial base.
  • Harness cooperation between local, regional, and provincial economic development programs to keep and grow labour force talent
  • Offer financial incentive programs to business owners for physical improvements to buildings and property such as the Township CIP and the SDG Regional Incentives Program.
  • To be examined during development of a new Economic Development Plan. 
3.2: Shovel Readiness
  • Examine the Township's land-use planning policies and bylaws, business procedures, and protocols for responsiveness and flexibility to address the needs of developers and businesses within the requirements of legislation. 
  • Updated Zoning By-law 2011-100 as amended in 2021,  various sections of the By-law were revised to allow for more flexibility and introduced a greater range of uses that will open the door for future opportunities in our employment lands.
  • Updated the Township’s Site Plan and Subdivision Manual guidelines in 2022 that will provide greater clarity to proponents, mitigate land-use conflicts, updated design criteria and will assist with beautification of future developments.
  • Updated the Township’s Delegation By-law and Site Plan By-law in 2022 in accordance with Provincial directives to assist with expediting development applications.         
3.3: Investment Attraction
  • Position and promote South Stormont's advantages as a competitive business investment location or preferred tourist destination. 
  • New Economic Development Plan will provide direction and priorities for Council's consideration.