The Township of South Stormont nurtures community pride by cultivating connections between society and landscape and reinforcing a feeling of belonging among those who live, work and play in South Stormont.  

Goal #4: Pride of Place
4.1: Waterfront Lands
  • Collaborate with the St. Lawrence Parks Commission, Ontario Power Generation, other partners, and stakeholders to advance the Waterfront Development Plan.
  •  Currently in negotiations.
4.2: Towns, Villages, and Farms
  • Promote linkages among communities within the Township by improving links that are physical (trails and parks), economic (collaborations and partnerships), and social (events, festivals, pop-ups) between citizens in towns and villages, in rural areas, and on farms.
  • Parks and Recreation Department plans summer events for children in various locations across the Township.
  • Parks and Recreation Master Plan and Economic Development Plan will provide further opportunities to support community links. 
4.3: Natural Areas
  • Promote the ecological importance and conservation of the Township's forests, wetlands, streams, rivers, and other natural areas in South Stormont.
  • Donated 100 acres of wetland (Lakeview Marsh) to Raisin Region Conservation Authority.
  • Annual free tree giveaway for South Stormont residents. 
  • Implementing Waterfront Master Plan (Hoople Bay). 
4.4: Sense of Belonging
  • Influence a community brand that welcomes visitors, residents, and businesses, through collaboration, initiatives, and planned experiences with local service clubs, community groups, businesses, and residents. 
  • Develop a multi-channel communications strategy to disseminate information and engage with citizens and staff, to inform the development and implementation of budgets, plans, and services.