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Corporation of the Township of South Stormont Municipal Office

P.O. Box 84
2 Mille Roches Road
Long Sault, ON K0C 1P0
613-534-8889 Telephone
800-265-3915 Toll Free
613-534-2280 Fax

Open 8:30am to 4:30pm.
Monday to Friday, except statuatory holidays.

613-930-3286 After Hour Emergency

 Email ContactMain Number:
Mayor & Council
MayorJim Bancroft613-534-2949 (home)
Deputy MayorTammy Hart613-984-2543 (home)
CouncillorDonna Primeau613-361-2508 (cell)
CouncillorRichard Waldroff613-537-8226 (home)
CouncillorDavid Smith613-577-2081 (cell)
Corporate Services
Chief Administrative OfficerDebi LucasSwitzerExt. 200
Director of Corporate Services/ClerkLoriann Harbers, CMOExt. 201
Administrative AssistantAshley SloanExt. 204
IT/Records ManagementAdam AubinExt. 218
By-law Enforcement OfficerDan BissonnetteExt. 232
Customer Service RepresentativeRox-Anne Hendrie Ext. 202
GeneralGeneral Contact
Director of Finance/TreasurerCindy PicheExt. 220
Deputy TreasurerKandie Williams, AMCTExt. 221
Finance and Payroll CoordinatorColleen JonesExt. 222
Building & Development
Director of Building/CBOHilton Cryderman, CBCOExt. 230
Deputy Chief Building OfficialHarry HutchinsonExt. 231
Building TechnicianTroy MerrimanExt. 233
Planning & Economic Development
Director of Planning/EDOPeter YoungExt. 205
Community PlannerJesse McPhailExt. 217
Economic Development / Communications CoordinatorChris HemondExt. 211
Parks and Recreation
Director of Parks and RecreationKevin Amelotte613-534-2419 (Long Sault Arena)
Recreation CoordinatorSherry-Lynn Harbers613-534-2419 (Long Sault Arena)
Public Works Department
Director of Public WorksRoss Gellately, CETExt. 240
Public Works SupervisorMark Zoppas613-932-0541 (Municipal Garage)
Drainage Superintendent Kris, St. Thomas
Administrative AssistantDonna McCueExt. 212
Fire & Rescue Department
Fire ChiefGilles CrepeauExt. 250
Fire Prevention OfficerNick MacGillivray
Animal Control
Animal Control OfficerKevin Cassleman 613-913-1476
Livestock Claim
Livestock ValuerCharles Marlatt613-534-2931
Weed Control
SD&G Weed InspectorPeter Leyenaar613-774-3885
Tile Drainage
Tile Drainage InspectorKris St. Thomas613-534-8889

Parks & Recreation Office

Long Sault Arena
60 Mille Roches Road
Long Sault, ON K0C 1P0
613-534-2419 Telephone
613-534-3836 Fax

Please note, in an effort to deter spam and online attacks the Township of South Stormont does not post email addresses directly on their website. After filling out the contact form, the person you are attempting to reach will be directly notified of your correspondence and will address it accordingly.

If you require further assistance or would like the direct email address of the person you are attempting to contact please call 613-534-8889 for customer service or the dial extension indicated for the person you are trying to reach.