This page contains a list of current Tenders, Requests for Proposals and Bid opportunities with the Township of South Stormont. Please note that the lowest of any bid is not necessarily accepted.

RFQ No.19-2022: Master Municipal Lot Grading GIS Layer

The Township is currently seeking the services of qualified respondents to develop a Master Municipal Lot Grading GIS Layer as part of Phase 1 of the development of a Municipal Master Lot Grading Mapping and Tracking Program. 

The first phase will consist of the creation of a base Master Municipal Lot Grading GIS Layer with an upset limit of $30,000. The second phase will build on phase one and consist of plotting grading points as well as the development of a maintenance plan. The second phase will be considered in 2023 and procured under a separate Request For Quotation (RFQ).

Contract documents may be obtained digitally by contacting the Chief Building Official at

Submissions will be received electronically at until 11:00 a.m, local time, on Thursday, June 2, 2022. 

Questions will be received until end of day May 27, 2022 and shall be sent in writing to the Chief Building Official. 

Tender Ad: RFQ 19-2022: Master Municipal Lot Grading GIS Layer