There are 17 cemeteries within the Township of South Stormont which are primarily maintained by dedicated volunteers. 

The Township has a Cemetery Master Plan which guides cemetery maintenance and repairs for all cemeteries within the Township. Included in the Plan, is information regarding the Cemetery Improvement Grant, which can provide funding for cemetery improvements and/or repairs. 

Cemetery Improvement Grant

The Cemetery Improvement Grant provides funding to eligible cemetery operators to assist with improvements and repairs to cemeteries located within South Stormont. Under the program, funding may be granted for items such as stone refurbishment, landscaping repair and fence repair. Funds are not available for regular maintenance costs. Applicants may apply for funding to a maximum of $5,000 per Cemetery per year.

Cemetery operators are encouraged to review the Cemetery Improvement Grant Standard Operating Procedure for complete details on the program.  

The annual intake for the Cemetery Improvement Grant begins in September and has a deadline of October 31 of the current year (for consideration for funding in the following year as determined as part of the annual budget process). 

Ready to apply?

If you have read through the program details and believe the improvements planned for your cemetery may qualify for the grant, click below to begin the application process.  

Apply for the Cemetery Improvement Grant

Cemeteries in South Stormont
Cemetery NameLegal DescriptionCemetery Location
Cameron Road Cemetery Lot 6, Con 4, Cornwall South Branch Road/County Road 42
Hawn Cemetery Lot 9, Con 6, Osnabruck Cooper Road

Lunenburg United Church

(Waterdown Cemetery)

Lot 4, Con 4, Osnabruck County Road 18, East of Lunenburg
Northfield United Church Cemetery Lot 35, Con 9, Cornwall Northfield Road
Stata Road Cemetery Lot 6, Con 5, Osnabruck Stata Road
Wills United Church Cemetery Lot 6, Con 5, Osnabruck Corner of County Road 12 and North Lunenburg Road East
Dixon Cemetery (Baptist Church) Lot 7, Con 6, Osnabruck Corner of Wilburn Road and County Road 12
Hillcrest Cemetery Lot 8, Con 7, Osnabruck County Road 12, Newington
Memorial Hill Cemetery Lot 7, Con 4, Osnabruck County Road 12, South of Lunenburg
Methodist Episcopal Union Cemetery Pt. Lot 9, Con 7, Osnabruck Raymond Road
North Valley United Church Cemetery Lot 23, Con 6, Osnabruck Corner of North Valley Road and Hart Road
Notre Dame Cemetery (crematorium) Pt. Lot C, Pt. Lot B, Con 4, Cornwall South Branch Road, just west of Boundary Road
Pleasant Valley Cemetery Lot 26, Con 4 and 5, Osnabruck Pleasant Valley Road
Sandtown Road Cemetery Lot 20, Con 8, Osnabruck Sandtown Road
St. Andrews West Roman Catholic Cemetery Pt. Lot 13, Con 5, Cornwall Corner of County Road 18 and Highway 138
St. Georges Anglican (Gallingertown) Lot 35, Con 4, Osnabruck County Road 18, near Groves Road
St. Lawrence Valley Lot 6, 7, Con 1, Osnabruck County Road 2