This page contains a list of current Tenders, Requests for Proposals and Bid opportunities with the Township of South Stormont. Please note that the lowest of any bid is not necessarily accepted.

Request for Expression of Interest: Raisin River Heritage Centre Re-Use Proposals

This Request for Expression of Interest (REOI) is an invitation by the Township of South Stormont (Township) to prospective proponents to submit proposals for the disposition and Re-Use of the Raisin River Heritage Centre, including both the facility and land, as further described in the tender documents that are available upon request.  It should be noted that the building no longer carries a municipal heritage designation; the use of the term ‘Heritage Centre’ is simply to be clear regarding the identification of the building.

The Township of South Stormont wishes to identify an appropriate use for the Raisin River Heritage Centre facility, a structurally sound building constructed in 1906, of just over 12,000 sf including three storeys and a basement floor, currently located on the north side of County Road 18 in the village of St. Andrews West and owned by the Township.  The ideal disposition option for the structure would be to find a proponent who would adapt and re-use the building in an appropriate manner.  This would likely entail relocating the structure and repurposing it as a residence, commercial facility, or office space, although there may be some possibility of re-using the building on its present site.  The facility/property is landlocked and located within the boundaries of the St. Andrew’s Catholic School and has several constraints surrounding the use of the facility at this location.  Because of the building’s proximity to schoolchildren, and a legitimate concern about the suitability of various potential uses, the Township will consult with a variety of stakeholders throughout the entirety of this process.

The Township wishes to dispose of the facility and land (approximately 5’ around the perimeter of the facility) and will not consider a lease agreement with the proponent. The municipality is prepared to dispose of the structure on very favourable terms and might assist in the cost of relocation of the building depending on the proponent and terms of the proposals. The Township might also be prepared to consider financial support to help retrofit the building in its current location, provided proponents are able to meet all requirements listed within the REOI.

Deadline for phase I proposals is set for Friday, May 19, 2023, at 4:00p.m. EST. The Township has retained the services of TCI Management Consultants to assist with the oversight and management of the REOI and tender process.  To register for a complete tender package proponents must contact the undersigned directly, inquires made directly to the Township or other stakeholders will not be entertained at this time.

Jon Linton, Director
TCI Management Consultants
(416) 515-0815