The Township of South Stormont's Strategy and Action Plan from 2016 provides an understanding of the community's recent performance against a range of local and regional socio-economic indicators, and direction for the Township's economic development plans.

The Plan builds on the objectives of the 2013 South Stormont Economic Development Strategic Plan, 2012 United Counties of Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry Economic Development Strategic Action Plan, and the 2014 Eastern Ontario's Economic Development Strategy

In 2019, the Township ventured to take the pulse of the business community in South Stormont. A Business Retention and Expansion Study was developed to determine business satisfaction, identify opportunities and threats, business concerns, and assist staff in the planning, development and prioritization of Economic Development initiatives.

The 2019 Business Retention and Expansion Study results indicated an overwhelmingly positive response to business satisfaction in the Township and strong growth in positive attitude toward Township Economic Development services and support.