The Public Works Department is responsible for the repair and maintenance of 300 km of roads including shoulders, ditches, bridges and culverts and the completion of various capital construction projects.

Their tasks include snow plowing and sanding of roadways and sidewalks at all hours throughout the winter months, as well as patching of potholes and grading of roads in the spring. 

Roadside maintenance in the summer includes grass mowing, tree trimming, clearing of debris in the municipal ditches and the installation of culverts. 

Streetlights help to make the Township of South Stormont's roads safer for traffic by illuminating possible road hazards. If you would like to request a streetlight shade, please complete the Application to Request a Streetlight Shade.

Half-Load Restrictions

Each spring, vehicles are restricted to carrying a maximum of five tonnes per axle on the weaker roads within the United Counties of SDG, including roads within the Township of South Stormont. 

These restrictions usually take place from early March until May and roads that are under restrictions will be identified with appropriate signage. 

2024 Spring Half Load Restrictions have been lifted.