Township of South Stormont

Waterfront Development Plan

In 2019 the Township commissioned Sierra Planning and Management – a multi-disciplinary planning firm, in collaboration with The MBTW Group - a multi-disciplinary landscape architecture and urban design firm, to assess and update the Waterfront Plan in order to meet not only the current needs of the communities in the Township but also elevate the importance of the waterfront as a key public asset that is essential to local quality of life over the next ten (10) years. In early 2021 the Waterfront Development Plan was officially accepted by Council, see the plan process below.

2020 Waterfront Development Plan - View Here

Concept Plans:
Development Plan Process

South Stormont’s updated Waterfront Plan was developed through a community engagement process.  The consulting team engaged with a range of stakeholders over the course of the project to identify current needs, issues and priorities as it relates to waterfront areas within the Township. 


Previous Plan:
  • The 2005 development plan can be accessed here