The Township of South Stormont is a collection of communities that are individually unique and stronger when unified. By collectively celebrating the friendliness and resilience of everyone, challenged may more easily be overcome, and solutions efficiently uncovered. 

Goal #5: Strong Community
5.1: Regional Alliances
  • Utilize regional alliances to advocate senior levels of government for financial support of community amenities, service and programs.
  • Individual and collective meetings with Provincial Ministers relaying need for financial support to expand water and wastewater services. 
5.2: Recreation and Culture
  • Support local facilities, programs, and amenities that enable all residents to access and participate in recreation, understand, and appreciate local heritage, and enjoy and celebrate local culture. 
  • Increased capacity for additional minor sports registrants, providing more access to the community.
  • Expanded recreation programming through use of the Lancer Centre in Ingleside.
5.3: Housing
  • Empower developers and businesses to supply a diverse mix of financially attainable, quality housing stock to respond to the needs of all residents. 
  • Long-term servicing studies for Long Sault and Ingleside to address growth demands.
  • Actively participating in Affordable Housing Progress and Development Collaborative with the City of Cornwall and the United Counties of SDG. 
5.4: Unity
  • Promote social cohesion and community unity by reflecting an inclusive and welcoming community. 
  • Carry out ongoing monitoring to ensure adherence to the Community Strategic Plan.
5.5: Health and Education
  • Support local facilities and services that improve access to medical services, health, and social services, public education, public transportation for the wellbeing of all residents. 
  • Joint Physician Recruitment Committee with Municipality of South Dundas.
  • Actively making use of available resources to support people in crisis.
  • Ongoing investigations regarding affordable public transportation. 
  • Active participant in the Social Development Council of Cornwall and Area's Vibrant Communities initiative and Community Safety and Well-Being Plan (CSWB).