The intention of this program is to assist residential property owners who experience difficulties with payment of their high water and/or wastewater bill due to water leaks inside their homes.  This program may provide one-time assistance for water bill payment.  Any future charges shall be paid for in full by the property owner. 

High Water Leak Adjustment Program Policy

High Water Leak Adjustment Application

What Qualifies?  

This program is aimed at offering assistance to those property owners who meet the following criteria:

  • Single-Unit Residential Properties.
  • Consumption must exceed 5 times (500%) the property owner’s average consumption.
  • Payment in the amount of the last regular billing cycle must be made by the due date.
  • The property owner’s account must be in good standing at the time of submission.
  • Request must be made in writing by the homeowner to the Finance Department no later than 60 days following the issuance of the high water and/or wastewater bill in question.
  • Reasonable efforts (including hiring a plumber) to locate the leak and initiate repairs must be taken by or on behalf of the property owner within 14 calendar days after the initial notification of increased water usage was provided to the property owner.  Notifications can include high water billing, a written notice, or a courtesy phone call. 
  • Plumbing must be in compliance with government regulation.
What Does Not Qualify?  
  • Multi-Unit Residential Properties.
  • Homes that are vacant or premises that are unattended when the failure occurred.
  • Industrial, commercial and institutional properties.
  • Outdoor water usage such as, but not limited to, pools, hot tubs, hoses, irrigation systems or neglect of private property.
  • Water loss due to theft, vandalism, or construction damage is not eligible for an adjustment.