The Township issues Lottery Licenses for Break Open Tickets (Nevadas), Raffle Lotteries with prize values up to $50,000 and Bingo events with prize boards up to $5,500. There are no Bingo Halls located in South Stormont.

All lotteries require a license and can only be issued to charitable or non-profit organizations as defined by the Alcohol & Gaming Commission of Ontario.  Organizations which have never been issued a licence must first complete the Lottery Licence Eligibility Questionnaire to determine if they are eligible to apply. 

Proceeds from lotteries must be used for a charitable, educational, or religious object or purpose in the Province of Ontario.

Prior to the issuance of a license, the applicant must:

  • Submit proof of charitable status (first license only);
  • Submit a signed Raffle Application Form or Break Open Ticket Application Form;
  • Meet all Provincial terms and conditions, including financial reporting;
  • Provide any necessary documentation required by the Licensing Officer; and
  • Pay lottery license fee.

Township staff review all Lottery License applications to determine specific eligibility. Refer to "A User's Guide to Charitable Gaming & Lottery Licensing" for further information.

Lottery Licence Fees 
  • Raffle Lottery*: $10.50
  • Break Open Lottery Tickets: 3% of prize value
  • Bingo: $5.00 per event with a minimum licence fee of $10.00 and 3% of prize value greater than $5,000.

*except "Catch the Ace"

Applications and Reports