Goal: Embrace healthy community growth by building, maintaining and continuously improving our municipality-owned infrastructure. 

Goal#1: Safe and Reliable Infrastructure

 Strategic Priorities and Actions
1.1: Taking and Evidence-based Approach to Infrastructure Renewal Projects
  • Work with the County to establish South Stormont Growth Priorities that identify zones and timelines for settlement expansion (Winter 2024)
  • Complete an Asset Management Plan for non-core assets. (Spring 2024)
  • Establish prioritized list of road reconstruction projects based on Asset Management Plan. (Summer 2025)
  • Work with the County to identify options and costs for improvements to County Roads 14 and 36. (Fall 2025)
1.2: Expanding Water and Wastewater Systems to Accommodate Growth
  • Work with the development community to advocate for upper levels of government funding for water/wastewater system expansion. (Spring 2024)
  • Determine potential options and a phased approach with costs for alternative short-term water/wastewater solutions, including discussions with the City of Cornwall about connecting to their water/wastewater systems. (Spring 2024)
  • Initiate public education campaign to stress the importance of water conservation. (Fall 2023)
1.3: Optimizing the Delivery of Essential Services by Maintaining and Upgrading our Facilities and Equipment
  • Complete and Accessibility Plan that established risk-based accessibility priorities and an implementation sequence/timeline within budget and staffing constraints. (Fall 2026)
  • Complete condition assessment for all Township-owned buildings, including cost estimates and priorities. (Spring 2024)
  • Engage an architect/engineering firm to work with Township staff to produce concept plans with cost estimates to modify Township Hall for use by Township staff; expand Council Chambers; and upgrade the arena to include a community hall. (Fall 2025)
  • Finalize location and engage and architect/engineering firm to work with Township staff to produce a concept plan and cost estimate for a new fire hall. (Spring 2024)
  • Prepare final design drawings for new fire hall (Winter 2025); tender for construction (Winter 2025 - Spring 2026); and build new fire hall. (Fall 2026)
  • Work with the County to explore transitioning to regional waste collection. Identify local property and/or resources that South Stormont could offer to support this transition. (Spring 2025)