Goal: Leverage our competitive advantages to retain and attract economic investment and local employment opportunities. 

Goal #3: Diverse and Prosperous Economy
 Strategic PrioritiesActions
3.1: Creating the Right Conditions to Attract Investment and Create Local Jobs
  • Create an Economic Development Action Plan to confirm the Township's competitive advantages; profile current industries/businesses; identify employment land opportunities; establish target industries/businesses; explore tourism potential; identify branding/marketing requirements; assess internal staff skills/capacity. (Summer 2024)
  • Initiate marketing plan to attract new business based on recommendations from the Economic Development Action Plan. (Winter 2024)
3.2: Strengthening Relationships with Local Businesses
  • Strengthen relationship with the Chamber of Commerce by jointly hosting a Business Town Hall/Business Awards event. (Summer 2024)
  • Enhance current Community Improvement Plan (CIP) incentives in partnership with the County to increase level of support to local businesses from both Township and County programs. (Summer 2024)
3.3: Optimizing Land to Promote Economic Investment and Employment Opportunities
  • Leverage the Township-owned property review (item 2.2b) to establish and inventory of potential employment land. Establish a go-forward plan to make this land shovel-ready for new industry/businesses. (Spring 2025)
  • Establish a go-forward plan to service, market and sell municipally-owned employment lands. (Spring 2025)
  • Provide listing of available employment land on the municipal website. (Spring 2025)
3.4: Promoting Tourism as an Economic Driver
  • Establish an authentic and professional brand and associated marketing material to promote tourism based on the recommendations from the Economic Development Action Plan. (Winter 2024)
  • Partner with the County and other regional associations to create and promote unique visitor experiences. (Spring 2025)
  • Engage an external resource to work with Township staff to initiate a wayfinding/signage project to showcase the new South Stormont brand and contribute to an enhanced visitor experience. (Summer 2026)