On Saturday Jan. 29, 2022 beginning at 10 am a large convoy of passenger and commercial motor vehicles will be traveling from Cornwall to Ottawa through parts of SDG.

The convoy will be travelling north on Boundary Road, west on Headline Road (County Road 44), and north on Highway 138 and onto Highway 417.

Several intersections will be closed and/or the traffic flow will be directed by the police.

Motorists are being asked to avoid the following intersections:

• Cornwall Center Road and Highway 138

• Highway 138 and Headline Road (County Road 44)

• Boundary Road (County Road 19/20) and Headline Road (County Road 44)

• Boundary Road at South Branch Road

• Boundary Road and Highway 401

If motorists are planning to travel north on Highway 138 between Cornwall and Highway 417 they should expect delays reaching their final destination.