Landowners in the Raisin Region Conservation Authority (RRCA)’s watershed jurisdiction who are interested in adding life to idle land by planting over 500 trees on their properties can take advantage of the RRCA’s full-service tree planting program. In preparation for the spring 2022 planting season, RRCA staff have already booked 25 free site consultation visits with local landowners, some of whom are planning to add up to 7,000 trees on their property.

“Site consultations are an opportunity for sharing your vision with us when it comes to planting trees on your property” says RRCA Stewardship Coordinator, Jessica Herrington. “Our staff will take note of your property’s topography, soil condition, competing vegetation, drainage, and any other notable features. Following the on-site consultation, we will suggest a plan suited to your property, to help realize your planting goals and ideas.”

Those who enroll in the RRCA’s tree planting program may qualify for significant subsidies through Forests Ontario's 50 Million Trees program. To book a free consultation visit, Herrington can be contacted at 

Landowners looking to plant smaller amounts of trees can order native seedlings from the RRCA’s over-the-counter tree sales this fall, to be picked up the following spring. A total of 60,000 native trees and shrubs are being planted across the RRCA’s watershed jurisdiction in 2021, adding to the 1 million trees planted by the organization since 1994.

For more information, please visit or contact (613) 938-3611 or