On Wednesday, March 24, 2021, Council for the Township of South Stormont formally adopted the 2021 operating and capital budget for Corporate, Water and Wastewater purposes. After budget deliberations held on March 6 and 16, the 2021 budget represents a 1.85% tax rate increase from 2020.

“Every budget presents its own challenges,” states Mayor Bryan McGillis. “This year, we had to consider the impact of the pandemic on our residents, but also on the Township itself. We feel we have produced a budget that considers the needs of today, preparations for the future, and financial impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.”

The United Counties of SDG are expected to reduce their rates by 0.85% for 2021, while the province has indicated the 2021 education rate will be remain unchanged from 2020. Based on an assessment of $100,000, the total potential combined taxes for residents of South Stormont will increase by $3.65.

The 2021 budget includes significant road work based on the Township’s guiding Road Needs Study document, investment in technology and service delivery improvements to better serve the community, improvements to recreation infrastructure, and significant contributions to reserves.

Additional resources regarding the 2021 Budget, including departmental presentations, links to recorded Budget Council Meetings, detailed budget line items, and other supporting documents can be found on our Budget Page