South Stormont, ON - The Township of South Stormont has received a vote of confidence from the Board of Directors of the St. Lawrence Parks Commission (SLPC) after they have approved a conceptual vision for the development of strategic waterfront locations.

The Waterfront Development Plan presents an opportunity to strengthen the partnership between the Township and the SLPC while providing improved access and enhanced recreational opportunities to the waterfront for residents and visitors.

“The opportunity to collaborate with the SLPC on the concept plans for the waterfront is something we should all be excited about,” says Mayor Bryan McGillis. “Resident access to the waterfront has been a topic of contention for many years, and the concepts of this plan calls for improved access and expanded recreation opportunities. We’re thrilled that the Parks Commission Board of Commissioners are in full support of this vision”

After extensive public engagement with the community and stakeholders, including an Open House meeting, online surveys, and virtual presentations, 5 strategic locations were identified as key enhancement opportunities: Long Sault Waterfront, Ingleside Waterfront, County Road 2 linear opportunity, Hoople Creek and Lakeview Park.

“The SLPC Board and staff are committed to ongoing cooperation with the Township in a joint effort to revitalize the waterfront and increase access, all benefitting the local economy, residents and visitors,” said Hon. Bob Runciman, Chair of the SLPC Board of Commissioners

With the support of the SLPC for the conceptual vision of the South Stormont Waterfront, the process will continue with the assessment of the resources necessary to bring these concepts to fruition and recommendations for priority development.

The Waterfront Development Plan, along with the resources and information regarding the public engagement sessions, can be found at