The Township of South Stormont will receive funding through the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program (ICIP) that will help see six park improvement projects come to fruition across the Township. In total, the ICIP funding will cover 74% of the project costs.

Grant #1: Play Structure Upgrades at MacLennan Park in Rosedale Terrace and Arnold Bethune Park in Long Sault. (These projects to be completed in 2021)

The current play structures at these parks will be removed and replaced with new equipment, at a total cost of $155, 250. 


Grant #2: Constructing four new 20' x 40' pavilions in the parks across the Township. (These projects will take place in 2022)

  • Simon Fraser Community Park (St. Andrews West)Wooden Pavilion in Park
  • Ingleside Community Park (Ingleside)
  • Lost Villages Museum (Lakeview Heights)
  • Arnold Bethune Park (Long Sault)

The Township of South Stormont would like to extend our thanks to the Provincial Government of Ontario and the Federal Government of Canada for helping to build and improve our community parks.