A Strategic Action Plan is a critical document for municipal governments as it outlines an overall vision for the community. Each community is faced with many divergent needs, such as mandates and expectations from upper levels of government, the need to foster development and business needs to maintain a strong local economy, the need to provide required services at a reasonable and affordable cost to ratepayers, and of course, the desires of the community as a whole. 

In 2023, the Township undertook a Strategic Action Plan development exercise to help guide the direction of the community and Council decisions over a four-year period. We gathered input from residents and business owners through community engagement exercises, considered the known needs of the community based on requirements from the upper-levels of government, the current position of the Township, and the expected growth of our communities. 

Following interviews, surveys and data collection, Council set four goals, each with actionable items for the employee team to work towards achieving during the 2023-2027 period. The following goals define an overall vision for the community:
  • Safe and Reliable Infrastructure
  • Welcoming and Vibrant Community
  • Diverse and Prosperous Economy
  • Exceptional and Accountable Government
We invite you to review the goals and action items below.
Roads with icons for different types of infrastructure
Goal 1: Safe and Reliable Infrastructure

Goal: Embrace healthy community growth by building, maintaining and continuously improving our municipality owned infrastructure. 

Seven hands placed on top of each other in a circle
Goal 2: Welcoming and Vibrant Community

Goal: Provide and enviable quality of life for everyone who calls South Stormont "home".

Woman in apron standing in front of cafe
Goal 3: Diverse and Prosperous Economy

Goal: Leverage our competitive advantages to retain and attract economic investment and local employment opportunities. 

South Stormont Council Chambers with desks arranged in a half circle
Goal 4: Exceptional and Accountable Government

Goal: Deliver services effectively and efficiently while providing a first-class working environment for our employees. 

Hands on desk with Strategic Action Plan booklet
Strategic Action Plan Document

Download a copy of the complete Strategic Action Plan document to review the plan and understand the information collected that helped develop it.

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Mission Statement
Township of South Stormont delivers sustainable, quality services to its residents and businesses while ensuring a vibrant and healthy community for future generations through dedicated leadership and strong infrastructure.
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Vision Statement
South Stormont is a progressive, family-friendly community, welcoming all to celebrate its natural beauty and exceptional quality of life.