Radiocommunication facilities are regulated federally under the Radiocommunication Act and are therefore not subject to either provincial legislation such as the Planning Act or Official Plans and Zoning By-laws. Approval of radiocommunication facilities fall under the jurisdiction of Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED). Proponents are required to consult with municipalities to determine local considerations for radiocommunication facilities and follow the land-use consultation process for the siting of radiocommunication facilities established by the municipality, where one exists.

The Township has implemented a Radiocommunication/Telecommunication Facilities Protocol to provide guidelines for the municipal process and public consultation requirements in relation to applications to establish and/or expand telecommunications towers, antenna systems, and related facilities in the Township of South Stormont.

Application fee is $2500 as per By-law No. 2024-006 (Fees and Charges By-law). 

Radiocommunication/Telecommunication Facilities Protocol

Radiocommunication/Telecommunication Facilities Application Form