The Township's Comprehensive Zoning By-law provides a number of specific requirements and provisions for properties within South Stormont. In some instances, applicants can seek relief from some of these specific requirements through the process of a Minor Variance. 

Some examples of provisions for which a Minor Variance may be requested are: setback requirements, parking requirements and lot dimensions. 

Once an application has been received, a Minor Variance is ruled on by the Committee of Adjustment. Prior to filling out an application, please consult with the Planning Department to determine the nature and extent of the Minor Variance required. 

If you wish to change the use of a property, a Zoning Amendment is required

Minor Variance Application - Online Form

Minor Variance Application - PDF Form

Minor Variance Fees

The current fees associated with a Minor Variance (as of January 2023) are:

  • Residential Property - $650.00
  • Commercial/Industrial/Agricultural Property - $1000.00