The United Counites of Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry offer the SDG Regional Incentives Program as a County-wide Community Improvement Program designed to encourage investment in improvements to businesses or attractions to stimulate economic development growth in the following areas:

  1. Encourage redevelopment and investment in existing building stock within the County to support employment, reduce the number of vacant buildings, and increase the assessment base;
  2. Promote active recreation, tourism, and the continued development or enhancement of the trail network;
  3. Stimulate investment in the agricultural sector by funding diverse, on-farm expansions and agri-tourism;
  4. Increase the amount of tourist accommodation available within the County and enhance and expand existing establishments.

Successful applicants could be eligible for up to 50% of improvement costs for eligible projects.

Regional Incentives Program applications are accepted on two intake dates per year. Stay tuned for the next intake date. 


For more information about the program, including eligible projects, available funding streams, necessary criteria and more, please review the following resources.

Regional Incentives Program Documentation - Discover all the ins and outs of the program to decide if your planned project may qualify. 

Regional Incentives Program Local Municipal Summary - Applicants must meet with their local municipality to discuss their project prior to applying to the program. A Local Municipal Summary must be completed by the Economic Development Staff from the Township of South Stormont and included in the application. 

Regional Incentives Program Application - After meeting with Township Staff and it is determined your project is a fit for the program, you can fill this application in online, obtain a copy of the Local Municipal Summary, and submit prior to the next intake date. 

Ready to Discuss Your Project?

If you think you have a project that fits the program, your first step is to contact the Township's Economic Development Department and arrange a meeting to discuss.