A land severance is for the creation of a new lot, the enlargement an existing lot, for easement purposes, to give access with a right-of-way or to correct property titles.

The United Counties of Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry are the approval authority for Consents/Severances within the Township of South Stormont. For more information about land severances/consents, or to obtain an application, visit the United Counties Website.

If you are ready to submit an application, please schedule and appointment with Township Staff to get the process started.  

The creation of a number of lots requires approval of a plan of subdivision under the Planning Act.

The United Counties of SDG reviews applications for a plan of subdivision against the policies of the Official Plan and planning issues including: design of lots and roads; sewer and water services (piped or private); service by utilities; drainage and storm water management; preservation and protection of natural features and hazard lands; and requirements for County and municipal roads.

The draft plan of subdivision will be circulated to agencies including the local Municipality,School Board, Conservation Authority, utility companies, and County Engineer (properties on a County Road). The draft plan may be approved with conditions that must be met before the subdivision is registered. The draft approval conditions normally require the applicant to enter into a subdivision agreement with the local municipality. The applicant must consult with the both the County and local municipality during this process.

For more information on this process visit the United Counties of SDG

The Township of South Stormont Site Plan and Subdivision Design Guidelines document has been updated and approved by Council on September 21, 2022. 

Part Lot Control 

A part lot control applies to properties registered within a subdivision plan, such as paired or linked units. It allows to split up properties into several distinct entities for property rights transfer purposes. 

The part-lot control provisions of the Planning Act allow a municipality to pass a by-law to remove part-lot control from all or any part of a registered Plan of Subdivision. This by-law has the effect of allowing the conveyance of a portion of a lot without requiring the applicant to go through the full consent/severance process. 

Exemption from part-lot control is appropriate when a number of land transactions are involved, but the resulting changes will not affect the nature or character of the subdivision. For example, exemption from part-lot control is used for semi-detached and townhouse developments, as individual semi-detached or townhouse lots are not normally indicated on a registered plan of subdivision. This approach is used because of the difficulty the builder would have in ensuring that the common centre wall between two dwelling units was constructed exactly on the property line.

Upon submitting an  Exemption from Part-lot Control Application a fee is required in accordance with the applicable Fees and Charges By-law

The application will be circulated to all relevant internal departments and external agencies as affected. Township staff will prepare a report schedule the by-law to be considered at the next available Township Council meeting.

A typical Exemption from Part-lot Control Application requires approximately 2-4 weeks to complete.  

Once the Exemption from Part-lot Control By-law has received approval from Township Council, Approval from the United Counties of SDG is required. Upon County approval, Township staff will register the by-law with the Land Registry Office.