Transient Traders

If you are a transient trader you must apply for a licence to operate in the Township of South Stormont. The application includes information about your business, the location you will be operating, and proof of permission to operate on private or municipal property. Some of the other items you will also need to provide include:

  1. Proof of zoning compliance,
  2. Building Department – permit or approval (if applicable),
  3. Inspection report from the Fire Department (if applicable),
  4. Inspection report (compliance) from Health Unit,
  5. Copy of Propane Fitter’s Certificate (TSSA) - (if applicable), and
  6. Proof of property ownership or letter of permission to operate business on owner’s property.

For a complete list of all Transient Trader regulations: By-law No. 64-2004 - Regulating Transient Traders and Refreshment Vehicles.

Apply for a Transient Trader Licence