Township Now Conducting Virtual Public Meetings

The Township of South Stormont is now conducting all public meetings virtually through the Zoom platform. Members of the public will have the ability to watch meeting proceedings and participate, where appropriate. 

Guide for Public Participation in Virtual Public Meetings

Zoning By-law Amendment: Z-2020-02 (Hebert)

Rezone Registered Plan No. 193 Lots 9 & 4, 2 & 3, Julien Street from Residential Single Services First Holding (RSS1-h) to Hamlet Private Services Residential - First (RH1)

Notice of Public Meeting: Z-2020-02 (Hebert)

Committee of Adjustment Meeting

Monday, July 20

Minor Variance Application: A-2020-06 Revised (VanKessel)

To increase the maximum height of an accessory building from 4.5 meters to 4.9 meters in the Rural Residential Private Serviced - (RR1-2) zone.

Notice of Public Hearing: A-2020-06 Revised (VanKessel)

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Tuesday, May 19

Minor Variance Application: A-2020-04 (Bourbonnais)

To reduce the minimum exterior side yard setback required for a dwelling in the Residential Serviced - First (RS1) zone from 6 metres to 3.12 metres. Plan 228 Lot 209, Long Sault.

Notice of Public Hearing: A-2020-04 (Bourbonnais)

Application for Permission: A-2020-03 (Winters)

To expand a legal non-conforming use (dairy and crop farm) to allow an additional 24,000 square feet and the required manure storage.

Notice of Public Hearing: A-2020-03 (Winters)

Zoning By-law Amendment (Z-2017-10) and Official Plan Amendment (OPA 33)

The Township of South Stormont held a public meeting on October 30, 2017 at 6:00 PM at South Stormont Fire Station No. 4, 5205 Highway 138, St. Andrews West, ON, to consider a proposed Official Plan Amendment and Zoning By-law Amendment under the Planning Act. Prior to the public meeting, an open house was held from 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM to provide details of applications for a Pit and Quarry Licence under the Aggregate Resources Act (ARA). 

The Notice of Public Meeting and reports and studies related to the proposed amendments can be viewed by following the links below: