Pool enclosure permits are required for all pools (above-ground and inground that are 50 cm or more in depth) and hot tubs within the Township of South Stormont. All pools must comply with the provisions set forth in By-law 2024-016: Regulate Fences and Swimming Pool Enclosures

To apply for a pool enclosure permit, please provide the following, via email to building@southstormont.ca, online through Cloudpermit, or drop it off at the Township Office.

  1. Pool Enclosure Application Form
  2. Plot Plan Form
    • One (1) copy of a sketch to scale showing the property dimensions, all existing and proposed structures, septic location, hydro line location, etc. 
  3. Fee ($134 can be paid at the time of issuance, staff will confirm via email)

 In-person Pool Permit Application Documents