During the winter season, Public Works staff perform snow and ice removal on your roads.  Trucks with flashing blue lights are performing winter maintenance.  Please give them room to work.

Here are some tips to keep you and our crews safe this winter.

  • STAY BACK from working snowplows and other winter maintenance vehicles (i.e. trucks spreading salt or spraying anti-icing liquid) with flashing blue lights.  You'll see them on roads and highways before, during, and after a snowfall or storm.
  • NEVER PASS a working snowplow - it's very dangerous for you and the plow driver.  Sight lines and visibility can be significantly reduced by blowing snow and the ridge of snow that the plow creates.  Trying to pass between or around a snowplow could result in a severe - even fatal - collision.
  • BE PATIENT - it takes time to clear the roads after a snowfall.  If you're driving behind a snowplow, wait for it to finish its job.  Roads are plowed in sections, so you usually won't be stuck behind a plow for more than 20-30 minutes.

Please remember that you cannot leave snow or ice on the road when you are clearing your driveway.  The ridges may freeze and become a hazard to drivers.  In addition, please be courteous and do not deposit your snow on your neighbour's property.

Your valued assistance during the winter season will help the Township of South Stormont Public Works Department provide efficient and economical winter maintenance service.

Sidewalk Clearing

The Township's Winter Maintenance Level of Service Policy describes the standards we follow to  ensure public safety and to set a reasonable standard of service residents can expect from the Public Works Department in regard to road and sidewalk snow/ice clearing. By-law No. 2020-011 authorized the seasonal closure of specified sidewalks within the Township. 

By-law 2020-011: Seasonal Closure of Sidewalks

The following sidewalks in the Township of South Stormont will be maintained. All other sidewalks not listed below will be considered closed during the winter months.


  • Fairground Drive from County Road 14 (Main Street) to Cedar Street.
  • Cedar St. from Fairground Drive to County Road 14 (Main Street).
  • County Road 14 (Main Street) from Cedar Street to Fairground Drive.

St. Andrews West

  • Hwy. 138 from Valade Road to County Road 18 (Dundas Street).
  • County Road 18 (Dundas Street) from Hwy. 138 to St. Andrews Catholic School.
  • County Road 18 (Dundas Street) east from Hwy. 138 to the eastern village limits.

Long Sault

  • Mille Roches Road from Simcoe Street to the apartments at #60 Mille Roches Road.
  • Bethune Street from Mille Roches Road to Mille Roches Road.
  • Frost Avenue from Mille Roches Road to Saunders Avenue.
  • Saunders Avenue from Frost Avenue to Strachan Avenue.
  • Strachan Avenue from Saunders Avenue to County Road 35 (Moulinette Road)
  • County Road 35 (Moulinette Road) from French Avenue to County Road 2.
  • Simcoe Street from County Road 35 (Moulinette Road) to Mille Roches Road.
  • Plaza sidewalk from Simcoe Street to Long Sault Plaza.
  • Jim Brownell Boulevard from County Road 36 (Post Road) to Barry Street East.
  • Barry Street East from Jim Brownell Boulevard to Barnhart Drive.
  • Barry Street from Barnhart Drive to the west limit.


  • County Road 14 (Dickinson Drive) from Santa Cruz Drive to College Street.
  • College Street from County Road 14 (Dickinson Drive) to Farran Drive.
  • Farran Drive from College Street to St. Lawrence Street.
  • Memorial Square from College Street to Maple Street.
  • Bank Street from Maple Street to Ingleside Plaza
  • Maple Street from County Road 14 (Dickinson Drive) to Farran Drive.
  • Thorold Lane from County Road 14 (Dickinson Drive) to Ingleside Plaza.
  • Santa Cruz Drive from County Road 14 (Dickinson Drive) to Wales Drive.
  • Wales Drive from Santa Cruz Drive to Elm Street.
  • Elm Street from Wales Drive to County Road 14 (Dickinson Drive).
  • Hickory Street from Farran Drive to Napier Street.
  • Napier Street from Hickory Street to St. Lawrence Street
  • St. Lawrence Street from Napier Street to Bank Street.
  • Ault Drive from Hickory Street to St. Lawrence Street