To access your property account, where you can view Property Taxes and Water and Sewer (Utility) Billing, you must have a password-protected customer account. To set up your account you will need your Access Code/PIN which can be obtained by contacting Town Hall at 613-534-8889 to request to have your Access Code/PIN mailed to you. Once you have your Access Code/PIN you can register, login and proceed. 

Access your account and/or create a login here South Stormont iCity Online

*When registering to view your account online, please remember to enter your roll number as follows: “choose “001-FORMER CORNWALL TOWNSHIP or 006-FORMER OSNABRUCK TOWNSHIP” from the dropdown menu, and enter your Roll number in the format “12345678.0000” (8 digits, followed by .0000).

Instructions for setting up an iCity Online Account