The Ontario Wildlife Damage Compensation Program, offered by the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, can provide compensation to eligible producers whose livestock and/or poultry have been killed as a result of wildlife predation or whose bee colonies, beehives and/or beehive-related equipment has been damaged as a result of wildlife predation.

Producers must have a valid Farm Business Registration (FBR) Number and a Premises Identification (PID) Number to be eligible for the program. For details about obtaining an FBR Number, please call 1-866-327-3678, and for details about obtaining a PID Number.

Apply for Compensation

If your property is located within the Township of South Stormont and you have had livestock killed or injured by an approved predator, report the situation to the Township's appointed Livestock Valuer by email or at  (613) 984-1754 or the Director of Corporate Services within 48 hours.