The Dog Licensing and Control By-law of the Township of South Stormont requires every owner of a dog to register the dog with the Township and purchase a tag. Registering your dog(s) not only shows responsible pet ownership but also helps with identification and safe return of your pet if they are found running at large.

Dog Licence Fees
Before March 31stAfter March 31st

Spayed/Neutred Dogs - $25.00

Intact Dogs - $35.00

Spayed/Neutred Dogs - $50.00

Intact Dogs - $70.00

Dog tags can be purchased in person at the Township Offices and paid for by cash, cheque or debit card.

Online Registration and Payments

A new pet licensing program will be implemented in 2021. While this program is developed, residents will not be required to renew their dog tags until further notice.

To register a new dog, please complete the form below.

Register a New Dog