The Township of South Stormont regulates and licenses dog kennels within the Township through the Responsible Pet Ownership By-law. All kennels must also comply with in Township's Zoning By-law

The Township of South Stormont issues 3 types of kennel licenses:

  • Recreational Kennels: More than three dogs over the age of 20 weeks are owned and raised for non-commercial recreational purposes but are not for sale. Examples include dog-sledding and hunting dogs.
  • Boarding Kennels: More than three dogs over the age of 20 weeks are boarded or trained for any period of time that includes overnight stays for remuneration.
  • Breeding Kennels: More than three dogs over the age of 20 weeks are owned and being bred and raised.

Some key points of the Responsible Pet Ownership By-law that apply specifically to kennels are summarized below. This is a general summary for convenience, for full details please review the by-law.

  • Kennels are only permitted in Rural and Agricultural Zones as per the Township’s Zoning By-law.
  • Kennels are to be managed and operated by the property owner and must be located on the same property where the owner resides.
  • All new and renewal licences for all kennel types are only approved after an inspection by the Township’s Animal Control Officer.
  • Each kennel owner will provide a list of the dogs residing at the property, each kennel shall keep no more than a maximum of twenty (20) dogs over twenty (20) weeks of age.
  • After issuance of the licence, the owner cannot change or alter a kennel without first obtaining the written permission from the Township.
  • Kennel owners/operators shall have regard the guidelines set out in the “ Code of Practice of Canadian Kennel Operations” of the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association

To apply for a Dog Kennel License, please download the form below and email to 

Apply for a Kennel License

Kennel Licensing Fees
Type of KennelFees
Recreational Kennel $75.00
Breeding Kennel $100.00
Boarding Kennel $100.00